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  • Condition: New
  • Manufacture: SMART Modular Technologies
  • Model Number: SG9PC8GSMEA
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Mfr Part Number:                SG9PC8GSMEA

Condition:                         New

Brand:                              Smart

Model Number:                  SG9PC8GSMEA

Type:                               PCMCIA Card


Long Description

Smart 8GB Industrial Grade XceedAT PC card from Smart Modular Technologies.These are Industrial Wide Temperature Grade PCMCIA ATA Flash Memory PC Cards.SMART Modular Industrial Grade ATA flash memory cards are packaged in PCMCIA Type I (3.3 mm thick) ultrasonic welded metal housing, They are available from 64MB to 32GB and can operate in 3.3V and 5V hosts and in industrial extended temperature range (-40°C to +85°C). Free soft plastic sleeve is provided.SMART Modular Technologies’ XceedAT Flash PC Cards are ideal for use in mobile and embedded computing, medical, automotive,and industrial applications. This industrial-grade RoHS-compliant product line is available in densities from 256MB to 32GB and is designed with the industry’s best-in-class read and write speeds, satisfying the requirements of the ultra direct memory access (UDMA) protocol. Featuring high performance (47MB/s read/ write) combined with low power (60mA read/write = 0.198W),SMART’s industrial-grade XceedAT cards are particularly well suited for embedded applications, such as housing embedded code, embedded storage, and boot code.



PC Card Standard Release 8 Compliant

Capacity Range 64MB to 32GB

CIS (Card Information Structure) programmed into 256 Bytes of Attribute Memory

Low Power Dissipation

High Performance Read Current: 60 mA

High Performance Write Current: 60 mA

Passive Mode: < 6 mA

Supports Memory Mapped, I/O Mapped, and True IDE

IDE PIO Mode 6

IDE Multi-Word DMA Mode 4

IDE Ultra DMA Mode 5

PCMCIA Ultra DMA Mode 5

Hardware RS-code ECC, 4 symbol/page

Static Wear Leveling

RoHS compliant

Optional Industrial Temp Range -40ºC to +85ºC 


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