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Intel Pentium 4 RK80546PG0961M / SL7PP 3.4GHZ 800MHZ 478-PIN 1MB L2 Cache Socket-478 : New

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  • Condition: New
  • Manufacture: Intel
  • Model Number: RK80546PG0961M
  • Part Number(s): SL7PP
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The Pentium 4 processor on 90 nm process supports Hyper-Threading Technology. Hyper- Threading Technology allows a single, physical processor to function as two logical processors. While some execution resources (such as caches, execution units, and buses) are shared, each logical processor has its own architecture state with its own set of general-purpose registers, control registers to provide increased system responsiveness in multitasking environments, and headroom for next generation multithreaded applications. Intel recommends enabling Hyper- Threading Technology with Microsoft Windows XP Professional or Windows XP Home, and disabling Hyper-Threading Technology via the BIOS for all previous versions of Windows operating systems.

RK80546PG0961M Product Overview

    Technical Information

  • Processor Manufacturer:     Intel
  • Processor Core:     Single-core (1 Core)
  • Clock Speed:     3.40 GHz(E)
  • Bus Speed:     800 MHz
  • L1 Cache:     16 KB
  • L2 Cache:     512 KB
  • Process Technology:     90 nm
  • Processor Technology:     Hyper-Threading Technology
  • Processor Socket:     Socket PGA-478

    Power Description

  • Input Voltage:     1.4 V DC


  • Additional Information:     
  • Pentium 4 processors support 800 MHz system bus speeds, as well as HT Technology
  • 16-KB L1 data cache, and Streaming SIMD Extensions 3 (SSE3) are available with Pentium 4 processors based upon Intel's next generation 90 nm process technology. The 90 nm process technology includes next generation transistor advantages, such as strained silicon lattice to deliver faster transistors and increase performance
  • Pentium 4 processors feature the Intel NetBurst microarchitecture, Intel MMXT media enhancement technology, support uniprocessor designs, and are compatible with existing Intel architecture-based software
  • Streaming SIMD Extensions 3 (SSE3) includes 13 new Instructions designed to reduce the number of instructions needed to execute program tasks. The new instructions are added to improve specific application areas such as media and gaming
  • Non-Blocking, full speed, on-die level 2 cache
  • 8-way set associativity
  • 256-bit data bus to the level 2 cache
  • Data clocked into and out of the cache every clock cycle
  • Platform Supported:     PC
  • Compatibility:     
  • Intel 925X Chipset
  • Intel 915G Chipset
  • Intel 915P Chipset
  • Intel 875P Chipset
  • Intel 865G Chipset
  • Intel 865PE Chipset
  • Intel 865P Chipset
  • Intel 850E Chipset
  • Intel 845GE Chipset
  • Intel 845PE Chipset
  • Intel 845GV Chipset
  • Intel 845G2 Chipset
  • Intel 845E Chipset


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