AMD Processors/CPUs

For many applications, high-powered central processing units (CPUs) have more of an impact on your computer system than any other type of hardware, and upgrading from an aging stock model is the ideal way to overhaul your machine and give it the speed and versatility that you need. First, you must decide if you want a single-core processor, a dual-core unit or even an advanced quad-core design, like the AMD Phenom 9000 Series quad-core processor. The quad-core design caters to advanced multitasking, instantaneous responses and incredible efficiency.

You also have to consider your needs regarding cache size, input voltage, HyperTransport speed, clock speed, and much more. Make sure to look at both the thermal specifications and the supported platform.

Whether you need to upgrade an industrial rackmount server, a connected terminal computer or simply a home computer, you’ll notice massive improvements with a modern CPU. We are ready to help you make the right decision so that you get the best possible CPU.

We are an Authorized Value-Added Reseller for major AMD sockets such as: Socket AM3+, Socket AM2+, Socket 939, Socket F, and many more.

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