Intel Motherboards

We are a Certified Intel Technology Platinum Provider.
Motherboards provide the proper communication between the different components inside your computer. Choosing the right motherboard is crucial to maximizing system stability and making certain your machine has room for expansion. Many people opt to buy Intel motherboards due to the excellent reputation Intel has in the computing industry. When the time comes to replace or upgrade your motherboard, choosing Intel is one way to ensure your system will function error-free with only a little bit of work on your end. You can also buy Intel processors and products like an Intel SSD 320 series 80gb hard drive if you want to go Intel all the way.
Whatever you choose, Saitech is here to make sure your motherboard upgrade goes off without a hitch, and we also offer premium Intel motherboards and other high-quality computer components at affordable prices. Turn to the Saitech team when you need to get it right the first time.

We carry both legacy and up-to-date Intel motherboards and server boards. We are an Authorized Value-Added Reseller for major Intel sockets such as: Socket 478, LGA775, LGA1366, LGA 1150, LGA1155, and many more.

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