Building a computer from scratch can be both an art form and an exercise in creating perfection. After carefully choosing the finest PC hardware components such as ATX power supplies, Enterprise hard drives or LSI raid cards, computer builders need a case worthy of housing these parts. In addition to cooling performance and noise reduction, future expansion is one of the top considerations in choosing the right enclosure for hand-built servers and home or business computer systems.

Saitech is pleased to offer an elite line of cases ruggedly built to keep computer components safe from harm. Customers can choose from a large inventory of server cases as well as ATX Form Factor, MicroATX Form Factor and Mini-ITX Form Factor cases. Through Saitech, computer builders never need to worry about having enough expansion slots, peripheral bays, USB ports or the space necessary to support specialty components without overcrowding; we have a case solution for everyone.

We are an Authorized Value-Added Reseller for the following manufacturers: Antec, Apex, CHENBRO, Compucase, Cooler Master, Corsair, Intel, In Win, iStarUSA, Lian Li, Nspire, NZXT, Sentey, Supermicro, Thermaltake, Winsis USA, Zalman and many more.

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