Parallel/Serial Cables

Serial cables are inexpensive and yet crucial to the operation of many computers, linking components – such as the primary computer and the external monitor – and allowing the machines to function together. One of the most important things to consider is simply the amount of pins; a nine-pin serial cable is not going to work in a port designed for a 25-pin serial cable.
Cables with pins on each end often come with locks to hold them in place, though they will work without engaging the locks if needed. Other cables offer serial pins on one side and USB connectivity on the other. Cables could be used to connect a rackmount LCD monitor or a touchscreen panel to an industrial rackmount server or a personal computer. Please get in touch with us at eSAITECH to go over the specifics and ask any questions regarding the multitude of cost-effective cables we offer.

We are an Authorized Value-Added Reseller for the following manufacturers: HP, Coolmax, Matrox, Teac, Link Depot,, and SYBA.

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