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Sony MPF920-T/B63 / MPF920 / UH650 1.44Mb 34-Pin 3.5-Inch Floppy Disk Drive

Sony MPF920-T/B63


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  • Condition: New
  • Manufacture: Sony
  • Model Number: MPF920/T/B63
  • Part Number(s): MPF920/UH650
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The Sony MPF920-T/B63 features a high-speed transfer rate and 1.44MB capability. It fits most cases with a 3.5" external drive bay. When you need to work with 3.5" Floppy Disks, the Sony MPF920-T/B63 is a good choice for you.


Drive Bay Size:  3.5"
Media:  1.44MB 3.5 Floppy
Connector:  34-pin FDD
Power Connector:  4-pin FDD



This floppy drive has been very reliable in my company's IT systems.