Cables are among the most versatile and essential aspects of hardware. They work within and around your computer to maintain its power and connectivity. Saitech is pleased to offer a wide range of computer cables for your project.

Offering both power and data cables, Saitech provides computer cables for compatibility, efficiency and affordability. From ATX power supplies to server power supplies, we have what you need. Some of the more common cable products we carry are for the external USB drives, SCSI, parallel/serial, networking and miscellaneous data, as well as cabling accessories. Choose from our broad selection for the functionality, size, color and quality you desire.

Whether you're connecting peripheral devices, a printer, Firewire, SCSI, monitors, hubs or anything else, Saitech is committed to providing the cables you need. With brands like HP, Coolmax, Matrox, Teac, StarTech and so many more, we are pleased to offer the best brands at preferred prices. Call today with any questions you have about our top quality cables.  
We are an Authorized Value-Added Reseller for the following manufacturers: HP, Coolmax, Matrox, Teac, Link Depot,, and SYBA.